Make your life easier with Samsung Family Hub

You know you're officially an adult when you get excited about a new appliance. But this ain't any ol' new appliance, this is the mother of all appliances: the Samsung Family Hub Refrigerator! If you've been following me for awhile, you know that my love for gadgets and technology in the home-- I always like to have the 'next best thing'

I'd like to thank Samsung for sponsoring this blog post and making our lives significantly better with the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator! If you've been stalking this fridge like we have for awhile or you're new to the smart fridge game, check out the rest of this blog for all the deets and my initial review! First of all, the refrigerator we selected is the 26.5 cu. ft. Family Hub French Door Smart Refrigerator in Fingerprint Resistant Stainless Steel! It's worth noting that you can get the touch screen Family Hub style refrigerator in multiple styles including the 4-door Flex, 4-door French Door Recessed Handles, and a 3-door French door! It's all up to your taste and what style fridge works for you and your family!

The color options are stainless steel, black stainless steel, and Tuscan stainless steel! I really wanted the black stainless steel but since we had recently replaced some other appliances in our kitchen we didn't figure that was a good Idea. It's worth pointing out that all of the finishes are finger print resistant--MOM WIN!

Here are some noteworthy features about our new Samsung Family Hub fridge that we love:

  • 3 built-in cameras to see inside your fridge without opening the door and from wherever you are by using an app on your phone

  • WiFi and Alexa enabled and lots of apps to stay organized, cook recipes, and even order food with!

  • You can upload photos to display on your fridge and even write grocery lists and reminder notes

  • You can enter in what you're putting in the fridge and the expiration date, so it will warn you when food is about to expire

  • You can stream music from apps like Amazon Music, Pandora, and Spotify

  • Large capacity ice maker, stores up to 4.2 lbs. of ice--For our BIG Family

After using our Samsung Family Hub fridge for about a week now, I can tell you we are more than obsessed! The things we are enjoying most about it is the amount of storage it has. I have also been using the apps through the touch screen to play music, write my kids memos and chore list for after school, and look for good recipes! Last night it was so handy using that screen to have my recipe pulled up while I cook. I've also been loving that you have the ability to upload your own photos, so you can display cute photos as your screen saver! The girls favorite feature is being able to scroll my instagram, or play music -- because rarely is there not a dance party at our house! We also love the new Smart Things app which has allowed us to easily control all of our Smart devices (most brands are compatible) with ONE app!

Now, here's the BIG question: is it worth the splurge? I say yes, and here's why: I am personally obsessed with smart devices and appliances because I'm so used to having those features on my phone, and I like them to be in other areas of my life! Being a busy mom to 7 anything that makes my life easier is a win in my book! It's the appliance that does it all, and therefore, eliminates the need for other devices! Whether you're the person upgrading your phone every time a new one comes out, or you have a busy family who could use some extra conveniences, this fridge is for you! As we approach the holiday season, I know we are going to get a ton of use out of all of these features, and I am so excited to have the fridge for that reason!

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