Pampas Grass DIY

I had been seeing this trend all over TikTok just before our bedroom got a makeover, We had three large bushes of Pampas in our backyard that needed cut down anyway and So I knew I had to try it!

How Awesome does that look?!

It was honestly Surprisingly easy! I just cut off the sprigs of pampas, I did cut a few leaves too just because I liked the look of it mixed in, but you certainly wouldn't need to!

Step one: I shook them out over my trash can to get all the loose stuff off

Step 2: Blow Dry upside down to get the remaining loose dead stuff off!

Step three: spray with Hairspray to prevent further shedding!

Thats it! easy as 1-2-3! And seriously so much cheaper than buying sprays onine!

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