This Little Pill

Every morning I take this little pill.

This little pill has literally changed my life.

Anxiety has been a life long battle for me.

It took me until age 30 to realize that the way I was feeling, was not normal.

For 30 years I thought that everyone walked around feeling like their heart was beating out of their chest, and that their world was spinning out of control

I thought that everyone always feels rushed and consumed with the "what ifs"

This little pill has taken the edge off.

I no longer completely lose myself when I walk into a messy house after the kids have been home all day.

All areas of my life have improved.

I'm sharing because we NEED to start talking about this... even more than we are.

Anxiety is a thing for so many. It can be effing debilitating.

Recently, someone asked me if I am going to try and get off the meds.

That's a hard no. At least not any time soon.

Do you ask someone if they are going to try and get off their blood thinners? or their heart medication?

No. You don't.

I feel better because it's working.

There is no shame in taking meds for your anxiety.

I'll say it again for the people in the back

There is no shame in takes meds for your anxiety

Especially if your anxiety is holding you back from living the KICK-ASS Life that you deserve.

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